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Meet our Founder, Kimberlie

Growing up on the sandy beaches of Western Australia, with parents who valued fitness and good food saw our founder, Kimberlie, spending much of her younger years crossing the road to her local beach for soft sand runs, ocean swims and sunbathing, or participating in cooking sessions, grounded in nutrition, with her vegetarian mum. 

The efflorescence of wellness begins.

Fast forward to now, where Kimberlie shares her life with her sports addicted husband Jamie, their three children and two lovable canines, in Portugal’s enchanting northern city of Porto following three great years spent living in the picturesque mountain village of La Turbie in the south of France.

Much has changed since those earlier years; however, one constant remains - an ongoing pursuit of wellbeing encompassing mind, body and soul.

Here we take a moment with Kimberlie to chat about the naissance of Saiklist and skincare.

Tell us about Saiklist

The idea had been percolating;

The opportunity coalesced in France;

European lifestyle presented the name - a little different and a play on a passion – cycling!

The vision culminated in a reflection on the philosophy of physical fitness and nutrition, to include the nuanced aspects of curated skincare. The idea of movement steeped in both passions.

What motivated you to launch your own brand? 

Saiklist is my venture into an area of essential health that, from a personal perspective, I had largely overlooked until the effects of time outdoors, subjected to the elements could be felt and seen on my skin, and that of my family - also avid cyclists and outdoor exercisers - by way of sore, tight, sun, wind and cold affected skin, cracked and chapped lips, dry flaking skin, clogged pores, colour and tone changes not to mention dirt, grease & grime. 

Based on our own experience, and that of our friends, exercising in all weather conditions (and varying air quality) our team has developed a unique range of simple to use, botanical skincare formulated specifically for the out-of-doors.  

Committed to health and sustainability, it was essential to our brand that we craft natural products that are safe for use by people of all ages as well as being vegan, cruelty free, ocean and earth friendly. 

Our products also needed to be minimalistic and versatile, to be available for both myself and my family and to meet the appropriate criteria for each family member.

The result is a line of natural, effective skincare products designed for performance, protection, repair, and recovery - the basis for healthy, glowing skin flowing through to mind, body and soul. 

How is Saiklist striving to be a sustainable brand?

There are many ways to move towards sustainability as an individual and a brand, some of which include limiting the amount of water and energy used, sourcing locally, using eco-conscious products to changing your diet to include more plant and less animal products.  

Over the last decade consciousness about the destructive nature of human activity on our planet and its oceans has been increasing. We are now more aware of issues such as pollution, the ubiquitous use of plastics and more recently the insidious effects of some chemicals added to products that are used on our skin - not only in our sunscreens but also in other skincare products which ultimately end up in our oceans. 

Small incremental changes to our lifestyles and the way we conduct business can help to reduce our carbon footprint and lighten the load on our unique planet.

Saiklist offers products formulated with natural, botanical ingredients that are safe for you and the environment.  Our sunblock is formulated using botanical, non-nano mineral ingredients. 

Our packaging utilises minimal plastic, is locally sourced where possible and fully reusable, up-cyclable and recyclable.  The glass bottles also allow for decanting for travel.

Our range of skincare is consciously created to reduce your investment in shipping and packaging offering one line of products with utility for you and your loved ones… with family size and refillable options on the agenda.

What is your typical morning skincare routine?

As I'm almost always racing to get out the door, I like to keep it simple.

I follow Saiklist's '5 Simple Steps in Your Daily Routine' as outlined in the article How To Use Saiklist Skincare

This routine takes a matter of minutes but provides skin saving capabilities. 

When travelling, what is the skincare product you can’t live without and why?

For me, the most important skincare product when I’m travelling is a botanical facial cleansing oil.  

It works to gently remove dirt, allergens, irritants, pollutants and excess oils from the skin’s surface whilst maintaining and repairing the skin’s barrier ensuring hydration and protection. 

Botanical oils are packed with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, known to repair the skin’s barrier, allowing it to perform important functions in protecting our bodies from weather conditions, environmental toxins, pathogens and harmful organisms as well as preventing moisture from escaping our skin, limiting dehydration. 

Repairing and maintaining our skin’s barrier is essential to healthy, glowing skin. 

Were you into self-care growing up in Australia or did it come with age and maturity?

My first foray into skincare was in my teens having been given a set of Blackmores' products – an iconic Australian brand.

Over the years, as my skin and lifestyle changed, I phased in and out of different skincare routines and various products, but nothing really lasted.  

Becoming a mother and being responsible for not only my own health, but that of my children - as well as age and maturity - has shone a spotlight on the value of investing in natural, high performance skincare and ensuring it becomes a daily routine, just like brushing our teeth. 

What Saiklist product would you never live without?

I couldn’t live without Saiklist’s non-nano Botanical Mineral Sunblock.

Sunscreen has been a topic of debate in our household over the years.  As sun lovers, we have revelled in its light and warmth, soaking up its energy whilst cognisant of its power and potential to damage our skin; however, with the uncertainty over the safety of chemical sunscreens and the thick, messy zinc mask its only natural alternative, I was late to the party with sun protection using it sparingly or sporadically if at all, and my skin tells the story through pigmentation, dryness and fine lines. 

Saiklist’s non-nano botanical formulation is created using the latest scientific mineral technology. Its active ingredient is powdered zinc oxide which provides a physical sunblock protecting the skin from UVA & UVB rays whilst non-nano means that the mineral particles aren’t small enough to penetrate the skin. 

It contains botanical extracts with antioxidants for extra protection from free radicals; is lightweight, feels and smells great on your skin and is safe to use for humans of all ages. 

It is land and ocean friendly, and housed in a light, portable recycled aluminium bottle making it perfect to pop in your handbag, cycling jersey for longer rides or carry-on for easy travel.

Saiklist’s sunblock is a daily habit well worth investing in for optimal health and longevity.

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