Welcome to Saiklist...

More than a brand, it's a culture and community built on the pursuit of individual wellness and planetary health.

Saiklist is founded by people passionate about physical fitness, who enjoy immersing themselves in the elements of nature; soaking up their surrounds, whilst equally acknowledging the detrimental effects – sun, wind, rain, salt and pollution - can have on the health of our skin.

Since for Saiklist, movement is a way of life - bringing freedom, adventure, health, connection to people and our unique planet; so began their journey to connect consciously crafted skincare essentials with active participants.

Saiklist Essentials | Our Skincare Collection

Saiklist Essentials comprises a succinct range of botanical, gender neutral, high-performance skincare formulated for children and adults, that is both ethically & environmentally conscious.

As kids growing up under the blistering Australian sun, we learnt the importance of skin protection; education and experience gained living in the South of France and more recently the North of Portugal, has taught us the true value of healthy skin for holistic wellness, disease prevention and longevity. 

Saiklist’s line of essential skincare delivers nourishing products for protection, performance and recovery; the basis for glowing skin flowing through to mind, body and soul. Our skin is our largest organ and the first line of defense against the outside world. It is a mirror of our internal health, reflecting both our mental and physical wellbeing, whilst fueling our self-confidence, mood and motivation.

Looking Good + Feeling Good Optimises Performance

Investing in skincare represents a long-term investment in our health and vitality, and ultimately paves the way for more quality time doing what we love most. So, let’s start this journey by paying homage to our unique, invaluable and irreplaceable skin.

Balance | Perform | Protect | Repair | Recover

Meet our founder, Kimberlie