How To Use Saiklist Skincare | 5 Simple Steps in Your Daily Routine

How To Use Saiklist Skincare | 5 Simple Steps in Your Daily Routine

Morning Routine

1. Repair. Cleansing Facial Oil

Squeeze a few drops of oil onto fingertips and apply to dry skin. Massage face and neck in circular motions. Rinse with warm water or use a damp washcloth to wipe skin clean, removing the cleansing oil which has served to dissolve excess sebum whilst absorbing surface dirt and pollutants ensuring the skin's acid mantle is nourished and intact.

2. Balance. Toning Facial Fluid

Apply to face and neck serving to refresh the skin whilst hydrating and balancing its natural, slightly acidic pH level to prevent infection and lock in moisture. This step is important in allowing greater absorption of the high-performance botanical oils in Step 3.

3. Perform. Moisturising Facial Oil

Whilst skin is still damp, apply 2-3 drops of facial oil to clean fingertips. Starting at the centre of your face, gently massage the skin moving outwards and upwards, relaxing the facial muscles, stimulating blood flow and increasing the production of collagen which improves elasticity and reduces the signs of ageing. Gently pat oil to delicate under eye area. Repeat on the neck working from base to chin line in upward motions.

4. Protect. Mineral Sunblock SPF 50 for Face | UVA & UVB Shield | Non-nano

Start with a small amount of cream layering onto skin ensuring all areas of the face, neck and ears are covered for maximum protection and anti-ageing benefits. Continue until cream is blended leaving the skin hydrated, nourished and shielded from the elements. Reapply every 2 hours for consistent coverage or every 1.5 hours if swimming or sweating heavily.

5. Recover. Nourishing Body Oil

Best applied to damp skin post shower or bath. Place a few drops of body oil onto the palm, rub hands together gently to warm botanical oils.  Massage into skin starting at the feet, working up the body helping to boost blood flow to legs, gluteus maximus, torso and arms reducing muscle inflammation, stimulating the lymphatic system, repairing micro muscle tears and deeply nourishing the skin enabling rapid recovery. 

Evening Routine

Repeat Steps as outlined above with the exception of Step 4, paying particular attention to Step 1 to absorb sweat, remove sunscreen, cosmetics, dirt, dust, pollution, bacteria and / or pathogens from the skin's surface to repair, balance and restore skin.  


The best results are gained through regular use. A daily routine is essential for optimal benefits.

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Hi Kimberlie! We met a week or so ago at Invicta when I bought some Perform oil. I’ve used it every day since then and I am happy to report it hasn’t caused any breakouts. I will continue to use it daily to see how it will fit into my daily routine. Great to meet you and thank you!

Karen Strnad

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